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Citizens Bank CD Rates August 2012

The Citizens Bank CD rates are from a Rhode Island based financial institution. The name Citizens Bank is also the brand name given to the RBS Citizens Financial which wholly owns this financial institution. This takeover by the Royal Bank of Scotland occurred in 1988. Today they have branch offices in 12 states. The Citizens […]

Citizens Bank CD Rates Revisited

Best CD Rates Info hasn’t had a look at the latest CD rates at Citizens Bank in a little while. Today, we are going to remedy that with an updated look at Citizens Bank CD rates and offers. They are limited, but they are pretty good too. Citizens has two flavors of CDs. There are […]

Citizens Bank CD Rates Reviewed

Today at Best CD Rates Info, we’ve got an update on the latest CD rates at Citizens Bank. Providence, Rhode Island-based Citizens Bank offers a diverse range of financial products. The bank has emerged as a favorite among the customers who want to benefit from significant interest rates. Best CD Rates at the bank are […]

Citizens Bank CD Rates

It has been a little while since we here at Best CD Rates Info had a look at how the Citizens Bank CD rates are doing, so we thought we would bring you an update. Citizens Bank offers a number of Certificates of Deposit or CDs. The company offers the highest CD rates but with […]