Sallie Mae Bank CD Rates August 2014

This Sallie Mae Bank CD Rates August 2014 review is the latest of the new financial institutions being added to our site.  There has been a recent split in the banking section of this financial institution and the famous student loan program they are very well known for. The student loan portion of this financial institution is now a separate company under the name Navient.

The current bank rates include the 1 year CD which is earning an APY of 0.90%. The 3 year CD is earning an APY of 1.45%. The best CD rates are from their 5 year CD that is earning an APY of 2.10%.

A certificate of deposit account can be opened with a minimum deposit of $2,500. All of the Sallie Mae certificate of deposit rates are fixed for the life of the investment. The interest for these accounts is compounded annually.  The account will automatically renew if the bank is not contacted by the account holder upon maturity. The CD rate of the renewed account will be the rate the bank is offering at that time.

All deposits and withdraws from this or any other type of account with Sallie Mae Bank must be made by electronic means. This can be accomplished by ATM withdraw or direct transfer of funds to another financial institution.

The Sallie Mae CD rates were posted on August 15, 2014 but are subject to change without any prior notice.

For more information about Sallie Mae Bank CD rates here from Highest CD rates info.

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