Security Service Credit Union CD Rates November 2014

In this Security Service Credit Union CD rates November, 2014 update is a reflection on what has transpired at this financial institution since we lasted visited them back in 2012. Since that time all of the CD rates and associated terms have seen a decrease from what they are now earning the members of this […]

SchoolsFirst Credit Union CD Rates October 2014

The SchoolsFirst Credit Union CD rates October, 2014 update are available to its members who are members not only of this credit union but also participants the educational system in Southern California. Since our last visit the APYs many of the terms are now earning have increased. There is still a tiered format the SchoolFirst […]

Santander Bank CD Rates October 2014

In this Santander Bank CD rates October, 2014 review is an update on what has occurred with this financial giant since we last visited them. The Santander Bank moved into America by acquiring Sovereign Bank. Today that acquisition is complete and the bank has been rebranded Santander Bank at all branch offices and online. There […]

San Diego County Credit Union CD Rates September 2014

This is a San Diego County Credit Union CD rates September, 2014 update. It has been over a year since we reported on the current offers from this financial institution. Since that time there have been a few changes that include increases and decreases in the many of the CD rates now being offered to […]

Sallie Mae Bank CD Rates August 2014

This Sallie Mae Bank CD Rates August 2014 review is the latest of the new financial institutions being added to our site. ┬áThere has been a recent split in the banking section of this financial institution and the famous student loan program they are very well known for. The student loan portion of this financial […]

Salem Five Bank CD Rates August 2014

This Salem Five Bank CD Rates August, 2014 update will present what is now being offered from this east coast financial institution. The Salem Five Bank certificate of deposit rates are set up in a tiered format that includes the standard accounts, those with a relationship and specials. The relationship means the account holder also […]