Wachovia CD Rates Bulletin

It’s time for us here at Best CD Rates Info to update you on Wachovia’s CD offers.

Wachovia Bank is one of the premier financial institutions of the United States. It has recently been acquired by Wells Fargo and currently undergoing the transfer process. Wachovia CD rates change with market situation and changes in federal regulations. Wachovia Bank CD rates are still offered under the original company plan but are gradually being transferred to Wells Fargo under the terms of acquisition.

A 3-months CD at Wachovia will yield a minuscule APY of 0.01% with a minimum balance requirement of $1,000. 6-months CD fares better at 0.25% and a 9-months CD yields 0.35% APY.

CD rates at Wachovia Bank for a 1-year term are calculated at 0.40%. An 18-month investment returns an APY of 0.60%. A 2-year CD will return an APY of 0.70%.

Customers can find bank CD rates with relatively higher APY by investing in the featured accounts. A checking account is necessary for this investment. Under these accounts, a 21-months CD returns an APY of 1.01% and a 27-month CD returns an APY of 1.50%. A 35-month CD will yield 2.00% APY. Minimum opening deposit for all of these featured accounts is $5,000.

Investors that want to benefit from the best CD rates can consider investing in the 5-year option. This investment currently yields the highest profits and the rates remain high despite frequent changes. The bank also offers IRA investments with an APY of 0.25% for a basic investment of $1,000. All of these CD rates are subject to change and a consolidation with Wells Fargo might influence the packages currently on offer.

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